Valentine Snow

You were laid to rest under a blanket of snow on Valentine’s Day. And each year you must send this gift back to us to assure me you’re ok. Nothing more could I want than to know you are at peace and filled with joy. Much more so if we experienced it together. But I’ll rest for today believing it is well with your soul ❤️. Happy Valentine’s Day my son.

The Cat

It was my first birthday with Will after dating not quite two months. And you managed to arrange a surprise party and take him to the gallery to purchase a gift from …. You hahaha. Oh my boy. I love and miss you this day. Happy birthday to me.

The Transition

Maryellen was in a bind and reached out for a hand. I thought you would approve. Before she moved in your room was converted. Two of your greatest loves. The new library and music room will forever house your handprints beneath the new paint. Your laughter and our deepest pain are also buried there in the walls and in our minds. May deep and meaningful beauty reside there as Maryellen passes through this final stage of life. Also grieving. For the ones she has lost 💔