Sorrow and Joy

Life brings a lot of sorrow. And life brings a lot of joy. We don’t often get to choose how life turns out but we get to choose how we respond to it. I never would have chosen you die this way. And you did not choose to die this way. But sometimes you chose not to live and others you lived beyond your years and in ways outside the bonds of love and life that many will never experience over many more years. So maybe it’s not the years we live but how we live those years. How we spend those moments and how we spend our tears ❤️. I choose to celebrate you. Your life, you’re passions, your legacy.
Happy heavenly birthday my boy. Oh so proud of you. Always in my heart. Float on.

The Bike

I know this was not your bike of all bikes but it’s become special here as it was the last one you were riding. And it’s pretty cute. So you won the battle. The bikes now kept in the living room. Wish you rode it here. Roxy seemed to wonder where you were when it arrived. She sat on the chair and looked at it. Pondering. At least it looked like pondering. I’m sure cats ponder. They must. What else goes on behind those eyes. Love ya miss ya.


Jared Forest

Could we have ever imagined. A forest in your honor. To live on through the years in the life of what you loved. Wish you could see it. Thank you Kim and Ingrid and Will and Eric and Erik and Ron… and Peninsula Parks.

This is a day that the Lord has made.


I received this word recently and believed it was for me but now I believe it was for you and in so being, for me too ❤️

After laying you peacefully and painfully to rest in your muslin shroud and handmade blue pine casket filled with love from those surrounding me, I was overcome by the scent of flowers. Lily’s. No one else could smell it. No one knew what I was experiencing. I asked Tasha if she had on perfume. I glanced around to see if someone was vaping perhaps. I looked questioningly over at Will. He didn’t know why I looked perplexed.

I knew when I returned home later that night and smelled the lily’s that had been delivered and left inside the house it was the same. The overwhelming scent of the lily. In the house. Everyone could smell their scent. In the rain and mist. Only I could.